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Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • Introduction to The School of BASS
    • ALL Racks, Instruments & Project Files
    • Private Facebook Group
  • 02

    Ableton Sound Design

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    • Kick Drum Synthesis
    • Snare Drum Synthesis [Part 1]
    • Snare Drum Synthesis [Part 2]
    • Hi-Hat Synthesis
    • Bass Jam [Part 1]
    • Bass Jam [Part 2]
    • Punchy Drums: Kick 1
    • Punchy Drums: Kick 2
    • Punchy Drums: Snare 1
    • Punchy Drums: Snare 2
    • 50 Simple Delay
    • Spirit Lead
    • Thick Bass/Sub Bite
    • Mid-Side OTT
    • Growl [Part 1]
    • Growl [Part 2]
    • Growl [Part 3]
    • Growl [Part 4]
    • Growl [Part 5]
    • Random Sampleizer
    • All Pass Phaser
    • Worm Hole
    • Comb Screamer
    • Multi-Band Frequency Shifter
    • Blaster [Part 1]
    • Blaster [Part 2]
    • Sine Compression
    • Multi-Band Saturation
    • Collision Monster
    • Corpus Resonator
    • Resampling/Sampler
    • Vocoding The Vocoder
    • Vocoder Formant Shifter [Part 1]
    • Vocoder Formant Shifter [Part 2]
    • Multi-Band Vocoding The Vocoder
    • Vocoder Drums
    • Call & Response
    • Convolution Fusion
    • Granulator 2
    • Static Chorus
    • LFO Grain Delay
    • Ableton Warp Stretch
    • Grain Delay Thing
    • Hipity Hopity
    • Real Tape Stop/DJ Scratch
    • Massive Timbale
    • FX Chain Selector
    • Simply Simpler
    • Supersaw
    • Custom De-Tune
    • Alien Drum Synthesis
    • Ping Pong Resonator
    • Time Based Glitch
    • Keytar
    • Neuro Bass Sampler
    • Warping Sound Design: Complex
    • Warping Sound Design: Beats
    • Warping Sound Design: Complex Pro
    • Warping Sound Design: Re-Pitch
    • Warping Sound Design: Texture
    • Warping Sound Design: Tones
    • Crowd Surfing/Gang Vocals
    • Riddim Bass
    • Resampling Sampled Samples
    • Thick Sub Theory
    • Manglement [Part 1]
    • Manglement [Part 2]
    • Manglement [Part 3]
    • Manglement [Part 4]
    • Manglement [Part 5]
    • Manglement [Part 6]
  • 03

    Max 4 Live Sound Design

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    • Ring Mod
    • Granular Mirror Maze
    • Convolution Reverb Pro
    • Comb Filter
    • Grain Freeze
    • Cut Hacker
    • Swirl
    • Buffer Shuffler
    • Pendulum
    • Doppler Pan
    • Iota
    • Multi-Band Random Tap Delay
    • Speed Shifter
    • Fragulator
    • Pitch Drop
    • Granular-To-Go
    • Multi-band Comb Filter
    • Multi-Band Formant Filter
    • Multi-Band Comb Mirro Maze
    • Multi-Band Granular Mirror Maze
    • XY Pad
  • 04

    Au5 Sound Breakdowns

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    • Any Longer Bass [Part 1]
    • Any Longer Bass [Part 2]
    • Any Longer Bass [Part 3]
    • Any longer Bass [Part 4]
    • Any Longer Bass [Part 5]
    • I Miss You Bass [Part 1]
    • I Miss You Bass [Part 2]
    • I Miss You Midi Arp Trick
    • Watership Lead [Part 1]
    • Watership Lead [Part 2]
  • 05

    Au5 Walkthroughs

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    • Activate [Part 1]
    • Activate [Part 2]
    • Activate [Part 3]
    • Energize [Part 1]
    • Energize [Part 2]
    • Energize [Part 3]
    • Infinite Wings: Intro
    • Infinite Wings: Drums
    • Infinite Wings: Intro Basses
    • Infinite Wings: Intro Synths
    • Infinite Wings: Build
    • Infinite Wings: Drop Bass [Part 1]
    • Infinite Wings: Drop Bass [Part 2]
    • Infinite Wings: Razor Vocoding
    • Infinite Wings: Misc. Drop Elements [Part 1]
    • Infinite Wings: Misc. Drop Elements [Part 2]
    • Infinite Wings: Final Elements
    • Seraphim: Intro
    • Seraphim: Build
    • Seraphim: Verse [Part 1]
    • Seraphim: Verse [Part 2]
    • Seraphim: Verse [Part 3]
    • Seraphim: Drop [Part 1]
    • Seraphim: Drop [Part 2]
    • Seraphim: Drop [Part 3]
    • Shadows: Reference
    • Shadows: Melody
    • Shadows: Verse
    • Shadows: Build
    • Shadows: A Drop
    • Shadows: B Drop
  • 06

    3rd Party Plugin Masterclass

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    • Warm
    • Mutator
    • Throat Evo
    • I Wish
    • Gate Keeper
    • Kick Two
    • Natural Forces
    • Gravity
    • Chromaphone
    • Little Alter Boy
    • De-Click
    • Manipulator
    • Paul Stretch
    • Trash [Part 1]
    • Trash [Part 2]
    • Trash [Part 3]
    • Vocalise 2
    • Phase Phucker
    • Reflektor
    • Pitch Map
    • Driver
    • Scoring Guitars
    • Specops
    • Pro R Fab Filter
    • RC 48
    • Symphobia
    • Shimmer
    • Uhbik-G
    • Noise
    • Curve EQ
    • Form [Part 1]
    • Form [Part 2]
    • Form [Part 3]
    • Hyper Growl [Part 1]
    • Hyper Growl [Part 2]
    • Hyper Growl [Part 3]
    • Serum Phase Tables
  • 07

    Au5 WIP Master Class

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    • WIP Masterclass [Part 1]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 2]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 3]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 4]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 5]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 6]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 7]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 8]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 9]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 10]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 11]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 12]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 13]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 14]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 15]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 16]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 17]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 18]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 19]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 20]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 21]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 22]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 23]
    • WIP Masterclass [Part 24]
    • (BONUS) WIP Masterclass [Part 1]
    • (BONUS) WIP Masterclass [Part 2]
    • (BONUS) WIP Masterclass [Part 3]
    • (BONUS) WIP Masterclass [Part 4]
    • (BONUS) WIP Masterclass [Part 5]
    • (BONUS) WIP Masterclass [Part 6]
    • (BONUS) WIP Masterclass [Part 7]
    • (BONUS) WIP Masterclass [Part 8]
  • 08

    Au5 Arrangement Templates

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    • 75+ Song Arrangement Templates.
  • 09

    Sound Design Journal

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    • Sound Design Journal Template .csv

See what other producers are saying:


"If you are looking for some new next level sound design techniques/tips/tricks... look no further!!"


"This AU5 & In The Daw course has some spicy techniques in it! Big ups dude 🤘 Definitely check this out if you wanna get schooled."


"Any young producers wanting to learn sound design should check this out. Lots of top-notch stuff in here!


"I highly recommend this amazing sound design course by the amazing Au5 and In The DAW. Austin gets extremely detailed and it's not hard to follow along."


"Lots of fantastic info in here if you're looking to up your production game. I've been going through it for the last week and it's sick."

Charlie Crown

"If you're serious about music and sound design, you need to give this a try! Seriously.


"The School of BASS will take you through various creative processes we've discovered over the years. Ranging from powerful synthesis, resampling, filtering, and processing techniques. These will help to improve your workflow, stimulate creativity, and make you think like an engineer, regardless of your current skill level."


Tal Richards from

"Tons of innovative and unique sound design techniques that can be utilized in all genres of music, not just electronic."


"Thorough and Original! Insightful while reminding us why we call it PLAYING music."


“This is awesome. I’ve worked with Wyatt and Au5 for a few years now, and it’s super exciting to see that they’ve put together this course. Learn from the best, and Au5 is the best, so, it makes sense. He’s one of the few guys who can always show me a new thing or two, even when I think I know everything.“


"Only a couple of vids in but these are really well explained. Def should be accessible for ppl at all levels."


Au5 is a legend in the electronic music scene. His depth of knowledge is one of the strongest in the community. Any opportunity to learn from him is a must!


"This is gonna change the way people approach sound design. The course unpacks fundamental and extended techniques as well as workflows in a concise format; these boys are pushing boundaries!"


"This course has been incredibly eye-opening on how easy it is to create and develop unique sounds and techniques, just using stock devices in your daw. Not only do you get all the racks (which are worth their weight in gold) but you're shown how they are made, how they can be put to use and the philosophy behind why you'd want to use them. The amount of inspiring content in this course is insane!"

Tevin Donyes

"This course is a unique chance to learn from one of the best minds in sounds design, in a setting that feels both personal and professional. Whether you are an experienced producer or someone who is still new to the game, this course is a fantastic resource to explore new sound design techniques that will take your music to the next level."

Nandi Flipzz

"As someone who's spent over a decade watching tutorials YouTube, this course consistently explained sound design techniques that I have never come across. Moreover, Au5 & Wyatt keep the course entertaining and not crammed with technical jargon. In addition, there were some incredible music theory shortcuts that have helped my workflow tremendously. Finally, the fact that every single rack/project file is included makes this course officially a game changer for me."

Creed Walters

"17% in and holy cow!!! I feel like I’ve already got my monies worth and I’ve just cracked the surface! I can’t wait till a month or so from now when I can back up what I say with some finished songs! The racks and explanations of them are so helpful in processing... So many questions I've had are being answered in each vid I've watched."

Magus & Gritonics

"When I logged on today... I got so excited I sat in the studio for 3 hours solid, not caring it was 97 degrees."

Nick Cohen (STVTIC)

"Big ups to DAW Nation! This changed the game for me, production wise!"


  • How long do I have to pay $47/Month

    However long you need. There is no contract, or long term commitment. You can be apart of the School of BASS for as long, or as short as you desire.

  • How often will there be new content?

    Every month Au5 and I will meet together to discuss new techniques, and also go over suggestions from our students. We then will make videos corresponding to those techniques.

  • What if I don't Use Ableton?

    No worries at all. Even with the techniques that only use Ableton devices, they can be translated to any other DAW.

  • Can I get a refund?

    You are granted a refund within the first 30 days of signing up, unless you download more than 20% of the racks or watched 40% of the videos.

  • I'm not a Dubstep Producer, will this course benefit me?

    OF COURSE!! This course does show you how to make insane bass sounds, but that is not the purpose. The purpose is to teach you techniques that will expand your creativity so that you can create new sounds that help convey the message that you want to put into your music.

  • How long will it take me to finish the School of BASS?

    On average, it takes about 20 hours to watch the material in the course. That time does not include you experimenting with the techniques that we discuss. The important thing to note though is that there is no rush. Take your time and get the most out of this course.

  • What if I am brand new to sound design?

    Perfect! This is going to give you such a solid foundation. I think all of us could agree that we wish we had a course like this when we first started.

  • What if I am a experienced Producer, is this for me?

    Absolutely! As shown in our testimonials, there were a plethora of experienced producers who walked away with a mountain of new techniques and strategies?