"The School of BASS will take you through various creative processes we've discovered over the years, ranging from powerful synthesis, resampling, filtering, and processing techniques to improve your workflow, stimulate creativity, and make you think like an engineer, regardless of your current skill level." - Au5

What Will You Learn?

  • Advanced Bass Sound Design.

  • How to make insanely Punchy Drums from Scratch.

  • Drop Arrangement Theory.

  • How to harness the raw power of Ableton Racks.

  • How To push Ableton to it's breaking point, to evoke unearthly sounds.

  • How to repurpose old material to create something that has never existed.

  • So.. So.. much more.

See what other producers are saying:


"If you are looking for some new next level sound design techniques/tips/tricks... look no further!!"


"This AU5 & In The Daw course has some spicy techniques in it! Big ups dude 🤘 Definitely check this out if you wanna get schooled."


"Thorough and Original! Insightful while reminding us why we call it PLAYING music."


“This is awesome. I’ve worked with Wyatt and Au5 for a few years now, and it’s super exciting to see that they’ve put together this course. Learn from the best, and Au5 is the best, so, it makes sense. He’s one of the few guys who can always show me a new thing or two, even when I think I know everything.“


"Only a couple of vids in but these are really well explained. Def should be accessible for ppl at all levels."


"This is gonna change the way people approach sound design. The course unpacks fundamental and extended techniques as well as workflows in a concise format; these boys are pushing boundaries!"

Nandi Flipzz

"As someone who's spent over a decade watching tutorials YouTube, this course consistently explained sound design techniques that I have never come across. Moreover, Au5 & Wyatt keep the course entertaining and not crammed with technical jargon. In addition, there were some incredible music theory shortcuts that have helped my workflow tremendously."

Course curriculum

  • 01


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  • 02

    Free Sound Design Course

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    • Hyper Growl [Part 1]
    • Hyper Growl [Part 2]
    • Hyper Growl [Part 3]
    • Bass Jam
    • Infinite Wings Bass
  • 03

    A Gift For You

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    • A Gift For You!